May 9, 2017

All new plumbing, plus 2 new sails

{{ First off, sorry about the many different fonts used! I am aware of the formatting issues & that's one of the reasons there's been such a gap in our posts. I will be making BIG changes to the blog soon, hopefully before the next post! }}

Where's the floor??
Y'all may remember a few weeks back, I shared a photo on IG/FB about not having a floor in our boat, due to Joe starting our plumbing project. So just a refresher.... We decided, or rather the boat decided, the plumbing needed to be redone, after taking the boat down to Galveston, recently. Our boat had all copper tubing, and the previous owner had not moved the boat in 10 was merely a floating condo.  As soon as we actually started using the boat, we developed water leaks, everywhere!! We thought it was imperative that we make the necessary improvements, sooner, rather than later....ergo, no floor! 

Assessing the situation...

 Hubs worked really hard at removing all the copper pipes from the boat! The photo below, shows just a small portion of what was removed.

Boats & copper don't go together!

This is how we spent many, many nights...working beneath the floor. And with no stairs to board the boat, it got pretty interesting getting on/off the boat. Wish I had got a picture of that! =}

We spent a Saturday afternoon finishing up our project of re-plumbing the boat. Yeah, running water is one of those essentials that you don't want to live without for too long. And for us, we'd already been without it for a week, so it was time to get'er done!! 

Another Home Depot run...3rd times a charm! The crap part of doing boat projects is, all the grunt work & errands I get to run. The good thing is, it's really close by....the bad thing is, it's really close by. 

I didn't get the faucet I wanted. All of the bases on the pull-down style faucets, are too wide for the area we were installing it in. And after five trips to the Home Depot, I didn't care anymore. We opted for a stainless steel one to prevent rust and with that option, I really only had two choices, unless I was willing to pay $300 for a faucet....and I was not willing to pay $300 for a faucet! It's by no means fancy, but it is functional, and it is way better than the one we originally started with. 

New galley faucet

So after almost two weeks of no running water, we are now back in business! You never know what modern day conveniences you take for granted until, you don't have them!

New Pex plumbing....

New Pex plumbing...

Now we can easily identify each water supply line & which tank it goes to.

And as an added bonus..... Guess what we found underneath the v-berth? Two new sails!!! Granted, they are a good twenty years old, but they have never been out of the bag before, so that's still new, right?? 

This one is my favorite...only one letter off from being my name!! ;)
Plus, a storm sail, I hope we never have to use

Can you guess what project we're now working on? It's coming up, in the next post!

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