one-dish wonders!

boat approved recipes:

cow patties | one of my favoritest cookies of all time & best thing about them, other than the chocolaty, peanut-buttery, fudgy flavor?? they are no-bake cookies! Mmm, yummy & easy to make!

corn & black bean salad | we love this salad! in addition, I put in green onions & I add distilled & apple cider vinegars to mix it up a little...chopped veggies, frozen corn & a couple cans of beans....easy peasy, lemon squeezy, or in this case, a squeeze of lime : )

squash casserole | I actually made this one in the crock-pot & it turned out perfect! put everything into the crock-pot, stir, cover w/lid & cook on low until squash is tender

baked chicken w/green beans & potatoes | I made a smaller version of this & substituted the Italian seasoning for chicken fajita seasoning, cause that's what we like. also, I have no idea how long it cooked for, because I don't use a timer, I go by smell....wait till it starts smelling like food & then about 10-12 mins after that, it's usually ready

flazana a.k.a. fake lasagna | this was the fastest & best tasting, fake lasagna I have ever made {and ate....Joe agreed}! because I know Joe doesn't like meat-less meals & because I had some ground beef already cooked & leftover from the night before, I added that in as well. so, I guess that made it a 4-ingredient meal. I also used fresh ravioli {you can usually find it in the deli area of your grocery store} layer, cover & cook. just like that!

rustic ranch potatoes | dice up 4 medium-sized potatoes {don't peel the skins}. spray dish with non-stick spray and throw in the potatoes. sprinkle with a little sea salt & pour enough ranch dressing {from the bottle, not the powder kind} to fully coat all the potato pieces. sprinkle on a healthy portion of grated cheese. add about 4 slices of already cooked bacon {torn into bite-size pieces} and top with chopped green onion {just the top (green) part}. cover with foil and bake at 350° until potatoes are tender. enjoy the rustic deliciousness! 

--> more recipes to be added as I test them out
& make sure they are boat worthy!

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