March 28, 2017

How did we ever live without a dodger?

Our beautiful new dodger & cover!

Seriously, having a dodger makes all the difference, when you live on a boat!! I don't know how we survived on our last two boats without it. That's not true, I know how we did it, actually. With our second boat, we knew we were not keeping her for a lifetime and since you don't really make that money back, we thought we'd just wait until we bought the forever boat, before we really started throwing money around.

Without the dodger

The dodger, sans cover

Now that we have all new canvas on the boat, the rest of it is really looking drab! Time for me to start back up on the teak, and get the rest of the trim looking as nice as it does around the cockpit area!!

More recently, I have been working on creating a design to go with our boat name. You may remember the t-shirts I designed last year...we both liked the design so much so, that I have now started branding everything on the boat, from, t-shirts to coolers to cups....
Irie t-shirt design

It has taken some time, since I am not exactly a tech savvy person, much less a designer, but I have figured out a way to use my design, from the shirts, and keep it going throughout all other items on the boat...
close-up of the new & old YETI tumblers w/my design decal

Y'all know how much I love my Seafoam Yeti, right?? Well, when I heard they were bringing back the seafoam, for a limited time, you better believe I was trying my best to figure out a way to get rid of the used, brown one we had picked up from the resale shop and replace it with a much prettier color! As luck would have it, Joe told me he wanted to sell the big one (the downtown-doo-doo-brown one) and get a smaller-ish one, that fit better. So we did! And, now our back porch looks a lot better.....

Matching YETI's on the back porch

close-up of the new Tundra 35 w/my design decal
close-up of the Roadie 20 w/my design decal

Continuing with what has now become our "unofficial" boat least for the exterior (and maybe a little in the interior too).... I finally convinced hubs to hang up the hammock he bought me, for Christmas! Ahh, so relaxing....It is my new favorite spot on the boat!! I even got my first sunburn, over the weekend, from laying in the hammock for too long, but it was worth it!!

Chillaxin' in the hammock while Joe is installing the windlass.... I call it supervising ;)


  1. Love the color choices! Good job, both of you. Looking great!!!

  2. Thank-you!! She's coming along, we've been putting a lot of time into's a labor of love, as I'm sure you know!! :)