the crew!

the captain - Joel

from Boyd, TX....I enjoy anything involving the water! though, I do like watching TV, I'm really an outdoors person - boating, fishing, sailing....I like them all.  I've had different boats all my life, but this is my first sailboat. being the type of person that only has to do something once to learn it....I've caught on pretty fast. I may not know what all the lines are called, but I know what they are there for . best thing about living aboard is: no property taxes....well, that & no yard to mow....we should've done this years ago!

1st mate - Jenn

small town girl who grew up in South maybe I'm not so small town after all! ;) ...I love to cook, hang out with family & friends, act silly with my nephews & nieces{all 17 of them} and I <3 anything that has to do with the beach!!  before moving aboard, I had zero sailing experience. and now, over a year later...well, I'm still learning!

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