January 27, 2017

Projects a plenty!!

We've been on our boat a little over three weeks now and we have been super busy tackling the project list! As you saw from the video I posted earlier this week, we have already started stripping the teak trim around the cockpit. Still have a lot more teak trim to refinish, but you gotta start somewhere and this is where we're starting. 

Slow & steady process

All sanded and ready for the next step...

Pretty & clean

Here hubs is applying the first coat of Awlwood primer/finish...

I've spent a lot of time getting to know our teak. And so far, I can say, I enjoy it!! Of course, this is my first time redoing it...I'm sure that will all change after the 6th or 7th time I have to do it. Who knows?!? Maybe not! 

Another improvement that we have had done is, we had four hatch covers made, as well as the companionway cover below. 

Canvas being installed

Next up on the continuing canvas projects will be, getting a new Bimini & dodger, and eventually interior cushions!!

We also wet sanded the old name off of the transom, in preparation of adding the new name to her! I wasn't able to get any photos of this job being done, because well, I had one hand on the boat for balance and the other hand holding wet sandpaper and sanding the boat, all while standing in a floating dinghy!!! I tried to convince Joe to take photos/video, but instead he jumped in the dinghy with me (almost making me fall into the water) and started helping me sand....good thing too, because painted on names are a pain to remove & I needed all the extra elbow grease I could get! 

Before w/old name

As you can see, it's still faintly visible! So, we'll have to do some work on that before the new name goes on. 

Old name {mostly} removed

One of these days, we will get ourselves a GoPro so we can fully document our projects. But for now, I hope you enjoy reading, because all these projects are using up every cent we have and there's no money left for fun things, like a fancy camera. ;)

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